REMS Hot Dog 2

Electric soldering pliers

REMS Hot Dog 2

Efficient, light-weight electric tool for soft soldering. Directly connected to a socket, no transformer required. For trade and industry. For the building site and the workshop.

Copper tubes Ø 10–28 mm, Ø 3/8–1 1/8". Heating capacity 800°C (1470°F).

REMS Hot Dog 2 – the smallest and most powerful soldering pliers.
Super fast without flame. 

Operating instructions

Instruction manual REMS Hot Dog 2

Parts list

Material Safety Data Sheets

Sicherheitsdatenblatt REMS Lot Cu 3
Sicherheitsdatenbaätt REMS Paste Cu 3


REMS Hot Dog 2

Art. no. 163020 R220
 <br/>REMS Hot Dog 2

Accessories: REMS Lot Cu 3

Accessories: REMS Paste Cu 3


Steel case with insert

Art. no. 163350 R
 <br/>Steel case with insert

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