Ax-Press H

Manual axial press

Ax-Press H
Universal manual axial press for producing compression sleeve joints.

Axial compression Ø 12–32 mm

REMS Ax-Press H – universal up to Ø 32 mm.
Super small, super light, super handy. Only 1.4 kg. Complete assortment of REMS compression heads, quickly interchangeable.

Parts list Ax-Press H (PDF)



 <br/>Drive unit
 Drive unit

Drive unit REMS Ax-Press H

Art. no. 574300 RX
 <br/>Drive unit
 Drive unit Drive unit Drive unit Drive unit Drive unit Drive unit Drive unit Drive unit


Carry bag

Art. no. 574437 R
 <br/>Carry bag
 <br/>Case with inlay Ax-Press HK

Accessories: REMS compression heads

 <br/>Compr.head set UNI 16-20-25-TL
 <br/>Compr.head UNI 12, pk of 2
 <br/>Compr.head UNI 20, pk of 2 <br/>Compr.head UNI 20, pk of 2
 <br/>Compr.head UNI 22, pk of 2
 <br/>Compr.head UNI 25, pk of 2
 <br/>Compr.head UNI 26, pk of 2
 <br/>Compr.head UNI 32, pk of 2

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